Here’s what SaskTel has to offer

VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)

  • Connect all your business locations to one network, without relying on public internet
  • Connects/extends Local Area Networks over far distances
  • Guaranteed quality of service with utmost speed and security
  • For customers that want to control and manage their own network
  • Layer 2 Ethernet service

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MPLS IP-VPN (Private IP)

  • Private IP transport network that connects Local Area Networks in two or more locations
  • Guaranteed quality of service with utmost speed and security
  • Managed by SaskTel experts
  • Layer 3 Private IP service

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Why Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)?

and control your network

Segment and differentiate traffic

Prioritize your data across your locations

Reduce costs of managing distributed operations


You build and control your customized flexible network with multiple bandwidths and quality of service profiles

Matched to your business needs


More bandwidth, scalability, and flexibility

Improved productivity and lower costs

non-IP traffic

Layer 2 multi point VPN

Multiple sites over a provider managed network

of mind

Network is backed by service level agreements

24x7x365 support

Service Details

Segment and differentiate traffic and prioritize data across your locations.
  • By combining SaskTel’s high availability hosted solutions with VPLS, customers can create a custom private cloud solution that avoids the security and privacy concerns of transmitting sensitive data over the public internet
  • Dedicated fibre supports data speeds up to 10 Gbps (dependent on location)
  • VPLS allows for multiple Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs) enabling much more versatility and scalability to support a range of services


Pricing available on three- or five-year contracted terms. Rates depend on location and existing facilities, please contact a Sales Representative to discuss pricing details for your business.


SaskTel data
network difference

Safe and secure

Your data does not leave Canada

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of Service

Traffic prioritized over the IP core network (higher than internet traffic)

Level Agreements

Unlimited data transfer

99.999% core uptime target

Networks Operation Centre

Experts proactively monitor and repair network 24x7x365

Phone support always available

Complete peace of mind

Service Details

Quickly share your critical data, voice, and video between buildings.
  • Data speeds up to 10 GB (dependent on location)
  • Provides one Virtual Private Network per customer
  • SaskTel proactively monitors and manages network troubles to protect your business; backed by Service Level Agreements with strictly monitored response intervals to ensure any troubles are proactively monitored and quickly resolved
  • You decide how to prioritize your data traffic through the core network, choosing the traffic within your business that needs the most priority
  • Access to online self-serve portal – CPU usage, in-and-out data traffic, status and response times


Flat monthly rates available. Dependent on speed and location, please contact a Sales Representative to discuss pricing details for your business.

Terms and Conditions

LANspan IP: Access speeds depend on your region.


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Trevor Mandziak,
Strategic Accounts Director