Why choose SaskTel Cloud Disaster Recovery?

Power sources, machines, and hardware do fail. Humans make mistakes. Tornadoes, fires, and floods are possibilities. Cybercrime, hacking, and viruses happen every day. You can’t afford to be without your infrastructure. You need a recovery plan.


Knowledgable technical resources understand your environment

Guided deployment, onboarding, and ongoing assistance

A solution that fits
and scales with your business

Increase or decrease storage capacity as you need it

Choose recovery point and recovery time objectives that best suit your business

Online portal
to test and implement server failover of your IT environment

Test without impact to your production environment

Failover at the push of a button


No capital investment

Fixed monthly rates so costs are predictable and affordable

Data Centres

Highly secure, world-class
data centre facilities in Saskatchewan


Your data never leaves Canada

Service Details

Cloud Disaster Recovery continuously replicates your infrastructure in the SaskTel Cloud. When a disaster occurs, the replicated infrastructure goes live. You can choose to go back in time to a point when you know your data is safe and recover from there. You can be up and running in minutes, meaning you are quickly back in business. 

The online portal and dashboard give you the ability to remotely declare a state of disaster, causing your systems to failover until you are able to return to productivity. You can even perform test failovers of your IT environment without impacting your production environment.

ServerVirtual and customized options for physical servers
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)Single standard RPO for VMs
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)3 to choose from
Storage3 tiers to choose from
JournalingFlash storage
Web portalIncluded
Online dashboardIncluded
Test/Disaster failover requestsUnlimited (pay for resources used)
First included in serviceTime and charges apply for additional requests
Tier 1 supportIncluded
Tier 2 supportIncluded
Tier 3 supportIncluded
Online service management accessIncluded

Technical Specifications

  • Standard 15 minutes RPO for each of your VMs
  • How much data can you afford to lose during a disaster?

* RPO: Maximum period of time in which data can be lost due to a major incident

  • Choose what fits your realistic objectives for productivity
  • How long does it take for you to recover your business?

* RTO of minutes: Duration of time, and a service level within which, a business process must be restored after a disaster

Shared Model
  • All customers have equal share of resources
  • Performance is dependent on numbers of customers simultaneously failing over


Monthly pricing starting
  • As low as $45/month per protected server
  • As low as $0.37/month per GB of journal storage
  • As low as $0.07/month per GB of protected storage

Read an overview on Cloud Disaster Recovery.


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Jana Hackman,
Strategic Accounts Director