Here’s just some of what SaskTel has to offer

SaskTel has a diverse team of professionals that provide strategic and tactical consulting from business analysis to implementations, turn key strategies and solutions for a wide variety of technical and business pillars including IT, security, cloud, wireless, network, and voice. Our team of experienced and certified experts across all these categories can bring that value to your organization without needing to hire, train, certify, and maintain these skills within your organization. See below for just a few examples of services which can be provided.
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IT Health Check

Get a high-level analysis and assessment of your IT environment to identify risks and protect your most valuable assets.

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Digital Forensics

Find the digital truth with computer forensics to investigate fraud, employment disputes, and more.

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Strategic IT Assessment

Plan your IT evolution with a comprehensive assessment and roadmap for optimal IT performance.

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Strategic Network

Determine what the current state of your network infrastructure is to identify future needs and prevent issues.

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Strategic Security

Understand the risk versus investment of implementing safeguards to achieve maximum protection of your IT environment.

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IT Health Check

An IT Health Check is a high-level analysis and assessment of the general state of your IT environment. A SaskTel technical expert will evaluate the current state of your business in five categories: communications, network, applications and infrastructure, security, and disaster recovery.

Why IT Health Check?

Check up
on your IT environment

Identify risks (gaps) within your IT environment

Protect your most valuable assets


Technical Sales Consultants provide unbiased technical expertise

Valuable information to continue growing your business and reduce risk

and grow your business

A summary outlining potential risks to your business

Tips to prioritize opportunities for next steps


Identify potential weak spots or areas for improvement

Budget for future enhancements and necessary fixes

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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics for business is the investigation and recovery of information found on digital devices, such as computers and wireless devices. Our consultants will recover, preserve, and analyze the evidence leveraging both forensic software and years of experience to interpret the digital evidence. Findings are confidentially presented to your Corporate Management or as an expert witness in a Court of Law.


We offer a variety of services
to provide the digital evidence
you require.
  • Digital Forensics consulting
    • Find and track data
  • Incident Response Training
    • Determine who has access to your data
    • Identify if and when your data has been accessed
  • Expert Witness services
  • Malware analysis
  • E-Discovery
  • Breach audits
  • Assist with criminal investigations or complex litigation
  • Present findings to your corporate management or in a court of law
Our Digital Forensic services
can help your business
through the following events:
  • Business fraud investigations
  • Ransomware investigations
  • Employment disputes
  • Inappropriate email and internet use in the workplace
  • Network breaches and phishing attacks
  • Smartphone forensics
  • Computer forensics

Strategic IT Assessment

Does your IT meet the needs of your business priorities? Is your IT set up to ensure it supports your business into the future? With Strategic IT Assessment, we do a complete assessment of your IT environment that is conducted through five categories, providing your business with a report and recommendations focused on optimizing your IT. We will look at your existing IT environment and your business priorities to ensure they align to support your business needs now and into the future.

Why Strategic IT Assessment?


Communications, staffing, infrastructure

Security, connectivity, services

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Align business and IT goals

Drive better long-term planning


Addressing ineffective practices

Eliminate unreliable technology

IT infrastructure

Identify opportunities to improve

Prevent security breaches that compromise sensitive data

Strategic Network Assessment

Your business is continuously changing and growing. What network infrastructure do you need to support your growth? A Strategic Network Assessment from SaskTel evaluates your existing network’s performance and reliability to help you make the best business decisions that support your business plan and optimize your customer experience and productivity.

Why Strategic Network Assessment?


Existing network’s performance

Reliability to identify and prevent future issues

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Align business and IT goals

Drive better long-term planning

your IT

Reduce costs

Maximize efficiency

network performance issues

Prevent network security breaches

Locate and address bottlenecks

Strategic Security Assessment

Does your IT security meet the needs of your business priorities? A Strategic Security Assessment from SaskTel offers a comprehensive risk analysis that provides your organization with the right information to make sound and informed business decisions.

Why Strategic Security Assessment?


External expert security analysis and technology expertise

Foundation for overall security strategy and architecture design

IT Environment

Identify threats and vulnerabilities within your organization’s IT environment

Prioritize threats and corrective actions according to the risks


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Jana Hackman,
Strategic Accounts Director