Here’s what SaskTel has to offer

Cisco products customize the collaboration you need today with the flexibility to change and grow tomorrow.

Cisco Business
Edition 6000

  • Ideal for any business ranging from 25 to 1,000 employees
  • All-in-one platform unifying voice, data, and wireless applications

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • IP telephony call-processing system that accommodates up to 30,000 users
  • Video, mobility, presence, preference, and conferencing services

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Why Cisco Business Edition 6000?


Working environment supports users on any device, from any location, at any time

operating costs

Your IT staff have one simple solution to manage

Lower cost
of ownership

 Hardware consolidation, reduced power and cooling costs, and easy-to-use tools

response time

Respond effectively to your customers, improving their satisfaction and loyalty

Service Details

Cisco Business Edition 6000 provides an end-to-end solution complete with routing, gateway, wireless, security, and collaboration services.


Integrates collaboration services on a single platform to reduce cost.


Pre-configured for fast and easy installation, deployment, and management.


Supports Cisco and approved third-party H.323 or SIP TelePresence and video endpoints.


Offers smooth and fast migration from outdated telephony.

Why Cisco Unified Communications Manager?


Connect your employees, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need

better team interactions

Dynamically brings together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams

Mobile devices
become extensions of your network

Your mobile workers can be productive anywhere

Service Details

Enterprise-level call processing takes your business to the next level.

Cut costs

Streamlines maintenance with simplified voice systems.

Empowers your employees

Video communication capabilities strengthen your workers.

Keeps your workers productive

In-office productivity tools improve efficiencies, even when on the road.

Just a click away

Videoconferencing, instant-messaging, and phone calls to your team.

If you require trunked voice offerings, contact a SaskTel Representative for a trunked voice service quote.

“As a result of partnering with SaskTel for our new phone/messaging/paging system project, Athol Murray College of Notre Dame showed immediate savings of approximately $40,000 and foresees an annual savings between $5,000 and $8,000.”

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame


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