Why Choose SaskTel End Point Protection?

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SaskTel, partnered with SRG, provides a simple and cost-effective solution to protect your business’ endpoints

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Rest assured the fundamental products necessary to protect your endpoints are in place

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Meet insurers’ security requirements that businesses must have to receive coverage

Service Details

End Point Point Protection: Automatically eliminates and quarantines threats and rolls back any modifications or changes made by an attack. The rollback can be implemented to restore any data that was deleted, altered, or encrypted. Affected end points can also be isolated from the network to mitigate the amount of data that is compromised.

Antivirus: Software is installed on your end point devices that can detect and remove harmful viruses to keep your sensitive data safe from malicious software.

Email and Collaboration Protection: Safeguards your business by preventing the spread of malware through emails. If an employee clicks on a malicious link within an email or collaboration program, it will automatically isolate the threat to the individual device by disabling the account’s ability to send emails.

Security Operations Centre (Enhanced Only): SaskTel will take an active, day-to-day role in managing your network environment. We will provide monitoring, configuration management, and lead any necessary remediation activities on your behalf.

This service is a component of SaskTel Cyber Security Bundles.

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Jana Hackman,
Strategic Accounts Director