Why Choose SaskTel Vulnerability Services?

is your security department

We maintain the integrity of your network security so you can focus on your business’ core purpose

your reputation

Demonstrate that you have taken precautions to protect sensitive information in the event of a cyber attack

with security specialists

Understand assessments being performed and collaborate with specialists to develop a plan to stay protected

Service Details

Vulnerability Scanning: Vulnerability scanning tests the external and internal networks on a monthly basis. External testing is performed remotely with simulated hacker attempts to gain unauthorized access to information, resources, and assets. Internally, tests are a combination of scanning, information gathering, threat analysis, and reporting to identify vulnerable services, rogue network access points, suspicious configurations and more from a security perspective.

Areas that are reviewed during the testing process include:

  • Data confidentiality risks
  • Access using common hacking attempts
  • Buffer overflows
  • Hosting vulnerabilities
  • Database and middleware vulnerabilities
  • DNS and email vulnerabilities
  • Traffic interception
  • Internal network access
  • Access to shares, devices, testing and production environments

Vulnerability Consultation: Customers will have access to cybersecurity professionals who can provide guidance on addressing any issues that were found in the vulnerability scans. These professionals will spend one hour every three months helping customers develop and implement a plan to remediate vulnerabilities identified in the scanning reports.

This service is a component of SaskTel Cyber Security Bundles.

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Jana Hackman,
Strategic Accounts Director