Why choose SaskTel Integrated Business Communications?

A hosted phone system that can grow with your company.


No long distance charges in Canada and the US

No hardware investment, no ongoing maintenance costs


Set up each user with the features they need

No need to pay for unnecessary extras


Video calling, instant messaging (IM), file sharing

Desktop sharing and presence


Sync your desktop and mobile clients

Be available at one number no matter where you are

Why choose SaskTel IBC?

Collaborate better

Enhance employee efficiency and improve collaboration with applications like instant messaging (IM), Presence, desktop sharing, file sharing, and video calling.

Make your office mobile

Sync your desktop and mobile clients so you can be reached at one number no matter where you are.

Manage Expenses

Get one monthly rate for your access line, long distance, and audio conferencing; purchase or rent your telephone sets; and complete your own service configuration with full administrative control.

Service Details

Packages and features.

Webex BasicWebex StandardWebex Premium
Everything in Webex-Basic,
Everything in Webex-Standard,
• Call anyone using your IBC phone
number (audio)
• Place and receive Video call
• Dialpad
• Mute/Unmute
• Hold/Resume
• Conference (N-Way Audio Call)
• Call Transfer
• Video call virtual background
• Call history
• <40 minutes meeting duration
• Meeting participant capacity: 100
• Meeting dial-in number
• Meeting Recording (Local)
• Mute on Entry
• Mute all/participant
• Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard
• Reactions
• Dismiss all/participant
• Gestures
• Raise Hand
• Breakout Sessions
• Notes
• Polling
• Locking
• 24 Hours meeting duration
• Closed Captions

• Unlimited meeting duration
• Meeting participant capacity: 1000
• Meeting recording (cloud and local)
with 10 GB of cloud storage
• Remote desktop control
• Delegate your meetings
(Cohost, In-meeting host control)
• Personal Meeting Room URL Change
• Moderator – Add/Remove people

• 1-1 Chat, Spaces (Group Chat), Contacts
• Presence (Active, Last Active)
• Sharing – screen, file, whiteboard, annotation
• Reactions, Emojis, and Emoticons
• Message Storage: 2 GB
• Message Storage: 5 GB

• Message Storage: 10 GB
• Moderator – Add/Remove people;
Edit space name; Edit space image
• Turn On Announcement Mode

Webex-Basic is included with IBC Standard. Webex-Standard is available for just $10/month/user, and Webex-Premium is available for $20/month/user. Both options can be attached to IBC Standard packages.


IBC offers many features and options to meet your business requirements. Mix and match the packages, giving each employee exactly what they need. Here are some of our more popular features.

Audio Conferencing
Call Forward
Call Me Anywhere:
Receive calls on your desk phone, desktop client or mobile device.
Call Pull:
Seamlessly switch between your desk phone, desktop client or mobile device.
Call Name and Number Delivery: Know who is calling.
Unlimited Long Distance in Canada and the U.S.
Voice Mail
Voice Mail to Text


Use our Pricing Calculator to get an estimate for your monthly costs. All unit costs are billed every 30 days.

IBC Package Monthly Rental

Monthly1 Year3 Year5 Year
IBC Basic$22$21$20$19
IBC Standard$34$32$30$28

IBC Build and Price

Plans are billed monthly
How many users do you have?
This fee is charged at install and is not a recurring monthly cost per user.

1 Users
One-time Setup Fee:
for 1 users
one-time setup fee
Basic or Standard
Basic or standard configuration?
Package pricing based on a 5 year contract. See full list of features here.

Common area phone or shared phone, no voicemail
Individual dedicated phone, voicemail
for 1 users
per month
Pro Features
Do you want professional add-on features?
Pricing based on most commonly selected Professional Features.

(Includes common features such as Hunt Group, Auto Attendant, Shared Call Appearance, Call Waiting)
for 1 users
per month
IBC with Webex
Do you want collaboration features like Video Calling, Messaging, Desktop Sharing and Meetings?

Webex-Standard plan includes:

  • Audio and Video Calling
  • 1-1 Chat, Group Chat (Spaces)
  • Presence
  • Sharing - screen, whiteboard, annotation, desk, file
  • Personal Meeting room for up to 100 people
  • Meeting recording (local storage)
  • Desktop and Mobile Clients

Webex-Premium plan includes everything in Webex-Standard plus:

  • Personal Meeting room for up to 1000 people
  • Meeting recording (cloud & local storage) with 10GB of cloud storage

Yes -
Yes -
for 1 users
per month
Desktop Phone
Do you want to rent a desktop phone?
Yes, please include desktop phone.
No. I dont want a desktop phone, only the desktop client.
Notice: You can't connect your existing phone. You will only have access to desktop client and no desktop phone set(s).
per phone set
for 1 users
per month

+ $25 one-time setup fee
Minimum recommended bandwidth of 100 kbps. 1 users x 100kbps = 0.1 mbps
Test your connection speed

One-time Setup Fee
Monthly Fee


    Single Add-ons

    Each starting as low as


    • Auto Attendant
    • Hunt Group
    • Shared Call Appearance (available with standard only)
    • Call Queue
    • Call Detail Reporting
    • … plus many more

    Call Recording

    Starting as low as


    • Would you like to have an indisputable record of conversations with your clients, customers, vendors, or coworkers? Do you need to comply with industry regulations? With SaskTel Call Recording for IBC, get a recording of every call. Never lose critical actions and insights again, easily review team activity, meet compliance mandates, and protect your business. To learn more, talk to a Sales Expert today.

    “It’s quite an amazing system. I personally don’t ever see us growing out of SaskTel or the IBC system.”

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    Strategic Accounts Director